George Orwell - A Nice Cup of Tea

Rachel Adams

English Author George Orwell wrote an impassioned essay on the 'proper' way to make a Nice Cup of Tea that was published in the London Evening Standard newspaper on January 12th, 1946.  See the full essay here: A Nice Cup of Tea.

Our How to Brew page has a few simple instructions on brewing a lovely cuppa but we think one of the most important 'rules' is the quality of tea - for a full flavored 'Proper English Tea you can't beat our organic Wakey Wakey.

Most importantly we encourage you to take a moment for yourself to enjoy your tea and allow it to relax and focus your mind and body knowing that just for this moment everything is better because you have made yourself a proper cup of tea and have a few minutes to enjoy it and know that in this moment all is well with the world!

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