About Us

San Diego Tea Company was founded by Rachel Adams to celebrate both her love of quality tea and her adopted home town of San Diego.

Being a Brit she grew up drinking tea, in fact, tea in England takes on epic significance as a universal panacea.  In times of crisis or celebration or just needing a moment to wind down there is one constant: Tea.  But, we are talking about 'proper tea' - a tea that has a full flavor and is brewed with reverence in a teapot.

San Diego Tea Company celebrates areas of San Diego with flavors and packages that feature exclusive artwork.

Rachel is also Vice-President of the House of England, one of the lovely cottages which make up the Houses of Pacific Relations in Balboa Park, an all volunteer organization dedicated to peaceful (pacific) awareness of different cultures.  She can often be found there on a Saturday or Sunday pouring proper British 'cuppas'.  It's in this capacity as an ambassador for British Culture that Rachel realized how many Americans have never enjoyed a cup of Proper English Tea - and how wonderful they think it is when they do get to taste the real thing!

And thus, Sir Thomas Ridgeon's Proper English Tea was born.  Evoking an era when tea was a revered experience, made in a pot with real loose tea and sipping the amber elixir was a moment to savor.

Named for Rachel's Grandfather this Proper English Tea brand hopes to bring forward the legacy of a time when simple pleasures were enjoyed and having a cup of tea was a moment to relax and reflect, an experience to enjoy alone or with company and above all to know that a cup of Proper English Tea makes everything better.

Prior to creating her tea businesses Rachel founded and grew San Diego Honey Company into the area's premier honey purveyor.  She curated honeys from around the area and created inspired infusions.  Rachel subsequently sold the honey business to her assistant Lisann to focus on coaching entrepreneurs, her philanthropic endeavors and the delights of an extraordinary cup of tea.