TW - Teaware: EZ Brew Tea Pot

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TW - Teaware: EZ Brew Tea Pot

Our EZ-Brew Tea Maker brews the perfect cup every time!

It is a simple, clean and efficient way to steep tea (or brew coffee). Simply place 1 -2 teaspoons of tea into the pot, pour boiling water over and leave to steep for a few minutes. When it's time to pour simply place the pot on top of your cup and your perfectly brewed tea drains directly into your cup, all the leaves remain in the pot - genius!  Add an extra half teaspoon of tea and a refill of boiling water to use your leaves again for a second cup.

It will brew 16oz (2 cups) of tea and fits cups up to a 3.75 inch diameter.  

Your EZ Brew pot is made of BPA free material and also comes with a coaster & measuring scoop. 

Best of all, clean up is incredibly easy.

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